Monday, April 11, 2011

Are There Drugs in the Water System?

Somebody – anybody – needs to explain to me why people are not out in the streets protesting what these fuckers on Wall Street have gotten away with. Really. Y’all know that I HATE conspiracy theories but, seriously, are they putting something in the water, a collective barbiturate, that is leading us to endure this?

These fuckers are stupid, not smart. They drove their companies into the ground.

These fuckers would not have a job if not for the American taxpayer.

These fuckers are apparently oblivious to that fact.

And while they point out this “return to profitability” that is supposedly justifying raises AGAIN to even-more-obscene levels, don’t forget that they are doing that with our money too!

Jesus Christ on a stick, people! Do you say “Thank you sir; may I have another?” before you bend over?

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