Monday, December 14, 2009

I Quit

My daughter asked me recently if I had given up blogging... and it appears that I mostly have.

Not because I made a decision to do so, but because I have never been so dispirited in all my life about our political process and culture.

And it's not that I hung such high hopes on Obama. The only thing he has done that has surprised me so far has been his embrace of so much of Bush's unconstitutional approach to war and national security. And thanks to him, our national shame lingers...

No I do not blame Obama, but the Democrats in Congress. Never have I witnessed such a sniveling bunch of spineless corporate whores in all my life. To allow Joe Lieberman to become a one-man determinant of how many people die from a lack of health insurance to salve his ego is beyond an outrage; it is a desecration of everything this party is supposed to be about.

So this is the letter I just sent to MY Senator:

Dear Senator Durbin,

I have been a loyal Democrat all my life, and have worked on more campaigns than I can count.

So I thought it only fair to let you know: I quit.

I am embarrassed to call myself a Democrat after this sniveling display for Lieberman. The people will never vote for eunichs. Mark my words.

Sure, the independents may forget how this party sold its soul to get to an ephemeral "win" on healthcare, but they are not the ones who knock on doors, make phone calls, and host house parties.

Not one more phone call. Not one more step onto a strange street. Not one more penny.

I quit.

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  1. Yep, I'm with you, Colleen. I hung up my Dem shoes after Obama's abandonment of the "don't ask, don't tell" support. Eff all of them. None of them speak or stand for me, that's for damn sure.